Kids Clubs Insurance

As a Kids Club you have unique needs that require policies designed for your business

Kids Club Insurance

Working with children requires extra care to be exercised compared to Adults. At Educare we have been working with insurers to develop cover that is specific for you and doesn’t include coverage that you don’t need (so you don’t pay for).

As a Kids Club, what are some of the things you need cover for:

  • Children have the right to sue you up until they turn 21. So you cant have cover that expires if you stop with the policy
  • You are at risk if a child or visitor is injured at your premises
  • What if a child gets sick or injured from products you use or food that is handled on site
  • Medical incidents related to injuries, allergies, physical abuse or sexual abuse

Industry Specific Packages

We offer tailored insurance packages for Child Care Providers. You can choose if you want all the covers or just one.

Anywhere within Australia

We can include automatic cover anywhere within Australia for all your activities & locations plus include them under one policy.


Your dedicated client manager ensures that your insurance package meets your individual needs. They are there to provide you with advice and to answer any of your questions.

Hassle Free

If something is to go wrong, your Educare claims manager works for you, to ensure you get what you deserve.

Types of insurance your Educare package can include:

Childcare Insurance Types

Group Personal Accident & Workers Compensation

Personal accident cover for children and volunteers, including assistance in arranging workers compensation for your employees.

Management Liability and Cyber Insurance

Covering you for all the risks associated with running a business and employing staff.

Property & Crime

Covers your business against loss or damage to your stock and contents. It can also cover glass breakage and property or money which is stolen from the premises.

Public and Products Liability

Liability covers your legal costs and expenses in the event you are found at fault for personal injury or property damage. Some Examples of claims include:

  • child injuries caused by playground equipment, toys etc;
  • food/drink served to children
  • injury to volunteers
  • ‘escape’ of children into adjacent roadways could cause motor vehicle accidents
  • excursions/field trips
  • spillages, toys on floor etc contribute to slip, trip and fall potential

Professional Indemnity

Covers you for breaches of your professional duty, claims. Examples include:

  • Treatment Risk – first aid
  • Failure to adequately supervise children in care
  • Inadvertently releasing a child to a part who is not the legal guardian
  • Failure to provide medicines or allow for allergies declared to the creche
  • Failure of management to perform appropriate employment checks, thereby employing unsuitable or dangerous staff
  • Sexual or physical abuse
  • Inadequate procedures in place regarding sign-in and sign-out procedures, registration, health and allergy declarations